Character Traits - Features, abilities, and qualities that make a person special. It's the choices we make that define who we are. How we behave, choose to act, the words we use in conversation, the way we interact with other people all demonstrate character traits. Character traits are tools in our toolbox to use in life. Each time we take out a tool from the tool box, we try it, practice it, and eventually can use the tool well and effectively. Many times tools need to be used one at a time, sometimes all tools need to be used to reach a goal. Become the person you want to be by choosing positive character traits.

Clowning and character - Clowns are a reflection of society. By exploring various emotions with magic, physical comedy and drama in our performances, we choose to emphasize positive character traits.

Honesty - To admit wrongdoing, telling the truth. A person who is honest can be more at ease and comfortable with oneself. Honesty can build trust between friends and build good reputations.

Positive Attitude - Looking on the bright or positive side of life, being optomistic, seeing the hopeful conclusion or ending to a problem; being happy or enthusiastic about yourself and about your day, cheerful, thankful. Showing school spirit is an example of positive attitude. In using positive attitude, you may find a window of opportunity to solve a problem.

Perseverance - Working as an individual or as a team towards a goal, not giving up when things go wrong, being able to finish a project, giving your best effort, and asking for help when you need it. Being self-motivated or ambitious helps in showing perseverance - pushing yourself to get a job started and finished. Having patience for yourself or with friends can work with perseverance.

Caring - Working as a team can be difficult. If we have a disagreement, we can use conflict resolution techniques and strategies to find a solution. There is a need to understand others and treat them with compression, kindness, sympathy and a forgiving spirit. Empathy - being able to put yourself in another persons "shoes" can help to understand a point of view different from your own. Thinking and choosing words thoughtfully can help to avoid hurting other peoples feelings. Being gracious, doing something that may help others, and not laughing at other peoples misfortune can show caring.

Responsibility - Accountable in word and deed, having a sense of duty to fulfill task. You will follow the rules, do your fair share of work, work hard, and be on time showing responsibility. You see a job that should be done, and realize that you are the person to get the job done. You may hurt a persons feelings and apologize. You have taken responsibility for your actions and have tried to make the situation better.

Self-Discipline - Controlling your impulses, actions and reactions, to give your best effort to achieve a goal. Doing activities like chores or homework that you may not enjoy shows self-discipline. Being on-time or punctual can show self-discipline. Being thrifty, being able to manage your money, time and resources can show self-discipline.

Fairness - Recognizing the uniqueness and value of each individual within our diverse society. We all have something to contribute to a goal; fairness is giving each person an opportunity to voice an opinion, share in the workload, and take a rest. Being tolerant, being able to accept that others do not think, believe, or live the way you do and learning to appreciate the differences is a way of showing fairness.

Citizenship - Service or volunteering to school, community and country can show citizenship. Being an educated individual and voting in elections, being respectful when the national anthem is played or sung, displaying the flag of your country can show citizenship and patriotism.

Self-Esteem - To believe in yourself, to have the spirit of "I Know I Can", to feel good about how your live your life and how you interact with other people. Practicing positive character traits can build confidence and self-esteem; you will be able to trust yourself to make the correct choices in life.

Respect - Being sensitive to other peoples' feelings and needs, being considerate. Acting polite and using manners. Admiration for someone or something because of abilities, qualities or achievements. Use of the above character traits can show respect for other people.

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