"People crave laughter as if it were an essential amino acid." Patch Adams, MD

"Mirth is God's medicine." Henry Ward Beecher

DR. CLOWN PROGRAM by Just Clowning Around

CLOWNS ARE TEACHERS AND HEALERS..Laughter is the best medicine.

OBJECTIVE: To provide dependable, quality, hospital-appropriate, "fun-technician" services for all ages within hospital or nursing home settings.

BENEFITS: 1. Accelerate Healing and Recovery time of the acute care patient, thereby shortening length of stay. 2. Morale booster for PATIENTS and STAFF. 3. Accentuate the Quality of Life of the long-term patient.

DESCRIPTION OF SERVICE: The curative power of greasepaint during "clown rounds", helping to break the chain of pain with laughter, and the human-presence connection. Clown checks-in with nursing staff; picks up list of patients to be visited, views individual patient from hall/door to further assess if visit is desired, and spends 1-15 minutes as needed in patient room.

1) Room-to-room visits provide quality, hospital-appropriate healing with laughter, caring attituted, companionship, respect, encouragement, self-esteem; gentle comedy, magic, balloons, face painting, and red nose "transplants". 2) Supplement medical staff: Experienced, professional clown(s) able to perform unassisted "clown rounds". 3) Weekly visits provide Staff-Clown-Patient familiarity. 4) Weekly visits provide clown with additional patient care experience and knowledge. 5) Minimal payment program of entertainer promotes goal of program: to provide Dependable, Quality, Hospital-appropriate Services. 6) Implement idea of laughter "crash cart" of humorous books, and fun supplies for all ages.

"Your ulcers can't grow while you're laughing." Author Unknown.

FACTS: Currently there is a study, financed by the Richard and Hilda Rosenthal Center of Alternative-Complementary Medicine, to monitor Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit of New York on regular visits to six metropolitan hospitals regarding clown visits and shortening hospital stays.

Dr. John M. Driscoll Jr. of Babies and Children's Hospital at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center expects the study to turn up evidence that the clowns do help cure children. "When a child begins to laugh, it means he's probably beginning to feel better," Driscoll said. "I see the clowns as healers."

"Dear God, I didn't think orange went with purple until I saw the sunset you made on Tuesday. That was cool." A child's letter to God

There is a multitude of information regarding humor, health, and healing in the Rush-Rhees Library at the University of Rochester. The University of Rochester is conduction a study regarding humor, clowns and Alzheimer patients at this time and results are expected in early 1998. Preliminary results indicate that patients with senile dementia respond in a positive manner to many types of humor. For example: Humor makes the patient more aware of their environment, and more communicative in general. Furthermore, the combination of humor and a clown appear to be effective than just supplying humor-stimulants alone. The human contact and connection seems to be the essential key to unlock the door to the patient's progress.

What has 75 balls and drives old ladies crazy? BINGO!

CONCLUSION: We are in awe of the advances in medical technology, and believe that humor and the physical presence of a clown character are an invaluable part of the physiological and psychological healing of all people.

Clowning has a rich history and tradition, being valued by many civilizations as healers and teachers. Clowns have the unique privilege of enabling a person to talk about ordinary things as well as life-threatening situation with candor - clowns are good listeners by design.

"Seven days without laughter makes one weak." Joel Goodman

As healers, clowns absorb pain and dispense laughter; we look forward, appear positive, and "shine our light" for others to see and feel. As teachers, we gently instruct simple truths: Humor, yearning for knowledge, acceptance of what is, optimism, love of neighbor and community. Clowns are not just for children, but for the "child" in all of humanity, regardless of age.

Why don't monsters eat clowns? Because they TASTE FUNNY!

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Regarding the Dr. Clown Program in Rochester, New York, please contact Just Clowning Around at 716.334.5753.

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