Single Balloon Animals to Large Balloon Commissioned Pieces!



Using this Decor will make your party Soar! Traditional round balloon decor of arches, swags, and columns available.

This Airplane is 7 feet long with a 7 foot wingspan. Thrill that Flight Fan in your Family!

Balloon art


Put a custom Epitaph on a Tombstone for that special 30th, 40th, 50th...birthday party.

This "stone" will not break you back when you carry it home!

Use for Halloween decor or for that "special" birthday.

Balloon art


Palm Trees can be made to almost any height and color to complement your decor.

This tree was eight feet tall. It was a great conversation piece, stopped pedestrian traffic, and drew customers into the store for two weeks, while on display at Pearle Vision at Eastview Mall.

Balloon Art


Motorcycle...This "HOG" was the hit of the party for the scooter-riding birthday "boy"!

A great way to celebrate a 75th Birthday, and fill the room with color and excitement!

Balloon art


This Hot Air Balloon is a delight for all ages; it can be a very UP-LIFTING as part of your centerpiece.

Balloon art



Behold a 7 1/2 foot Tropical Fish with a 10 foot fishing pole!

Balloon art


A Wreath is a beautiful gift and an eye-catching decoration! Give your friends a gift of "true inflation"...whatever that means!?!

Santa on his sleigh


This Santa was seen flying over Rochester, NY last year! Santa's nine reindeer were found and are no longer hiding in this new picture!

Balloon Castle



This is a balloon castle built at the Henrietta Public Library. This was part of Balloons Across America, a program to highten the public awareness of the balloon arts, and built by a group of 12-15 artists including Cindy and Jim of Just Clowning Around.


We have twisted and created over 400,000 balloons in our careers. Put our experience to work for you!

GRAND OPENINGS, PICNICS, OPEN HOUSES - We can create beautiful balloon animals, hats or decor quickly and in large numbers.

SPECIAL OCCASIONS - We can create custom sculptures to fit your special occasion. A geodome playhouse, wishing well, skeleton, spider; you name the shape, we will twist and frame it to help you create that special memory!

Balloon photographs by Just Clowning Around

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