Castle Blood...the birthplace of Rotcoddam & Stitches.

Stitches and Rotcoddam

Rotcoddam and Stitches are part-time denizens at Castle Blood, a haven for vampires owned by Alexander and Anastasia, clan chiefs of the MacCabre and McEvil Clans. Gravely and Grizelda MacCabre are the current caretakers of the Castle.

As for Rotcoddam (Mad Doctor spelled backwards) and Stitches (name should be obvious, Rotcoddam's wife and first "creation"), when not working in the laboratory at Castle Blood, these refined characters can be seen entertaining in upstate New York at Halloween shows and 18th Century themed events.

Cindy in the 1930's

Cindy in 1930's look. Elegant walkarounds to create the perfect atmosphere for shoppers or guests. Jim's dandy photo to follow.


Castle Blood is a Trademark name, currently located at 832 Main Street, Bentleyville, PA 15314. (412)239-CREEP.

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