Optical Illusions

Sight and Sensibility - Just Clowning Around

mistake.jpg (4158 bytes)

This is a "moo-valous" picture.

Can you see the cow?







triangle2.jpg (12958 bytes)Are the black sides inside or outside?



arcs.jpg (2404 bytes)

Which arc comes form the largest circle?

They are small segments of the same circle.




receding.jpg (6454 bytes) Which man is the tallest?  They are all the same!



duckrabbit.jpg (4554 bytes) A duck or a rabbit?



women.jpg (16853 bytes) A young woman or an old woman?



circustent.jpg (2225 bytes) An awning or a circus tent?



spiral.jpg (6029 bytes)
Print this picture, cut out, and spin.
The design will pulsate.





clownwoman.jpg (10674 bytes) clownw~2.jpg (8256 bytes)A young woman or a grouchy clown?


rectangle.jpg (10105 bytes) Are the holes on the top or inside?


Optical illusions on this page used by permission of  Dr. J. R. Block of Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY., with thanks and appreciation.

Very cool Youtube links. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=A4QcyW-qTUg


Here is another one from the BBC.

Just Clowning Around
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