Juggling and Stiltwalking - Up In The Air



1, 2, 3 plates; can Crystal juggle "4"? Watch her juggling routine to see for yourself!

Front row audience members should always be attentive...A Surprise Ending of course!

Rhythm sticks


Rolling starts... propeller spins... helicopter spins... complete with sound effects. Lots of laughter and fun!

Scooter CAN JUGGLE (he learned to juggle from our accountant)...but he needs Audience Participation to really make his show complete!



The most BEAUTIFUL Clown on STILTS! Crystal likes getting "up in the world".

Add EXCITEMENT and MAGIC to Fairs, Festivals, Trade Shows, your Special Event!

Magic, Balloons, and LOTS OF COMEDY from lofty heights...

This is what happens when you eat all your vegetables (especially string beans)!
Why don't Monsters eat Clowns? Because they TASTE funny! (Tee Hee)

Photos on this page courtesy of David Boyer.

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