The Magic of Just Clowning Around

Comedy Magic & Illusions with Juggling, beautiful Props, Skits, Balloons, and Audience Participation.

Jim and Cindy - Magicians

Fun for All Ages! We can customize our show to any age group.

Shows are 30-45 minutes in length. We can perform individually or together, depending upon the size of your audience or your budget! Big Budgets are Best.

We use way-cool, battery-powered Sound Equipment, so we can perform anywhere, and be heard by all your guests.

Add a touch of sparkle and magic to your Trade Show or Teaching Seminar. We can draw people to your booth, attract attention to your product, or spice up a seminar with creativity and fun. You will get the credit for being innovative and creative.

Strolling/Busking entertainment is appropriate at functions ranging in size from cocktail parties and informal gatherings, to large elegant receptions. Ask Jim to see his pet bird..the blue jay...

Parlor Shows refers to the size of the audience, and is not a reference to having a show in a living room! A parlor show is for small audiences of less than 50 people. Ask Cindy to see a picture of her pride and joy...

Stage Shows are usually for more than 50 people. Performance, props, sound are all adjusted to fill a large venue, and create that "larger than life" show! "I love when Jim asks for the really BIG pan."...says Cindy.



Photograph by Todd Morell.

Yes, Crystal performs card tricks!


Just Clowning Around
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