Santa Claus and Holiday Shows

Christmas' big guy HO, HO, HO! This is the "real" St. Nick!

"As Santa, you are the BEST! Your attention to detail is wonderful." Pat VanStrydorck

Santa has a twinkle in his eye, and is magical and mirthful!

Call to schedule Santa early (October) - you know how busy he is!

santa2.jpg (66959 bytes)Santa on a sunny day! Too bad you can't see his Harley boots.

(Can you guess what Santa does during the summertime?)











How can we ever thank you for making "our kids" so happy? Rochester Abrasives



Santa and Mrs. Claus taking a break!

HOLIDAY SHOWS - We can perform a variety of magic shows for the holiday season as clowns or magicians. Religious themes are also available.

First photo by Todd Morell. Second photo by Cindy Pelc.

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